BYAS is building an entire ecosystem of decentralized apps

BYAS is the first Gateway Token in crypto history.

What is a Gateway Token? It means that BYAS is REQUIRED for any of the projects that utilize it to work. Imagine being required to own AAPL stock in order to use their services, or owning a crypto keycard to be able to get into your neighborhood? That's BYAS.

The first decentralized app that we've built is DXO is a decentralized type of stablecoin. A payment and exchange system that can be used independently of banks. So BYAS is the savings system. DXO is the payments system. Check out DXO after you're done reading up on BYAS.

Although we aren't a company (just like Bitcoin and Ethereum) we are committed to building for BYAS. Our hope is that others will join us in a decentralized way and build for BYAS as well. Whatever we build will require BYAS to function. The more people use BYAS, the more people need to buy BYAS, the more fees are generated. We're going to Be our own bank. #BYOB

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