Our founding devs are made up of some of the most seasoned crypto veterans. We were around at the literal beginning of DeFi including the early development of AAVE when it was called Ethlend. We were also around for the early stages of Bitcoin and invested in Bitcoin early. During that time we've seen many teams break up over silly stuff ultimately hurting the project. We believe that it's not truly crypto unless you are anonymous. Satoshi believed the same thing. The minute you attach a face to a project you alter the trajectory of that project.

If for example a famous person, let's call her Felon Tusk, were to come out with their own crypto, it would upon launching get a much bigger valuation than a project without the famous person attached to the team. This would give the project certain credibility based on that person's fame. That's not crypto.

The code needs to stand on it's own.

Almost every project with a name and face has had FUD to the point that teams have split. The Ethereum team, for example, used to all be working on Ethereum together. Now they are all working on separate projects. Ultimately their respective fan bases end up screaming at each other, which as an outsider looking in doesn't appeal to anyone. We're not picking on Ethereum...thousands of projects have broken up. Maintaining relationships is hard. Satoshi understood this.

Code cannot be sexist, racist, feminist, chauvinist or elitist. Humans can.

Not one of the founding four developers has been convicted of any crimes, or has any criminal record. All of the founders have KYC with centralized exchanges. So when money moves the centralized exchanges will know. There is NO DEV FEE. From the FIRST DAY any outsider could own more of the network than we do. They could earn more fees than we will.

The code is open for anyone to review. PLEASE verify and scrutinize the code and everything contained within this paper.

We are satoshi's brother, bad bunny, voidwarlocker, and missionary

If there are interviews needed, or otherwise media requests, Andrew will be doing those for us.

BYAS is locked in contracts

This contract is locked for the future expansion of the BYAS ecosystem. It was locked for one year. We cannot access it until the time has elapsed upon which we will tell you where the BYAS is going. It will 100% be for new dapps we build...or it will be burned.

All other BYAS tokens are locked in staking contracts that is reserved for the community. It is inevitable that at some point, some community member will own more BYAS than we do.

We will not maintain any socials anywhere. All forms of social media are centralized and the availability of those platforms can be shutdown at any time resulting in FUD. However If any of you want to start a helpful social media page, reddit etc on behalf of the community please do so. Anyone pretending to do airdrops is a scammer, and anyone asking for your seed words or for you to click links in telegram or anywhere is a hacker. If we do airdrops (we may) there will be no announcement and it will be for holders of BYAS.


BYAS was built to be on chain. If DEFI is ever going to be a thing, it needs to reduce it's dependency on centralized exchanges. However centralized exchanges play a vital role in the crypto economy. If you are a centralized exchange and you want to list BYAS you must buy or BYAS. We don't have any tokens to give you. You must also find a way to distribute the fees to all the holders.

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